Why should I book a makeup trial

Bridal makeup trials help determine such things such as how you like your foundation – Matte or Dewy, what kind of lashes you like (Large, small, thick, long), how much contouring you like, and eyeliner, etc.

If you are trying to decide between a more Natural or Glam look, a trial will help you decide. What color lip will suite you and go with your bridal party. At the time of the trial session those are the little things that help determine a look you are going to love on your wedding day.  The trial will also give your artist (me) and you a time to bond and get to know one another. Its a time to have fun while you and your artist create your Custom Bridal look!

We block out 2 hours on the wedding day for the brides look. We can make small adjustments, but we wouldnt have time to make full blown out changes, as once the lashes are applied and such. We would be happy to stay and completely redo the entire look, but additional charges would occur, and we also wouldnt want you to be late to your wedding.

Personally, I would do a trial. However, we do have brides that opt out of the trial, but those brides are more of laid back bride and they are not picky. We do require you to send a selfie, along with some inspiration looks, so we do know what we are doing to you at the time of the wedding day session. At the end of the day, a trial guarantees the look you love on the most important day of your life.

Wedding Makeup Trials Are Scheduled for at Least 2 Hours

Chicago Bridal Makeup Artist
Chicago Bridal Makeup Artist